Tuscany Home Theater Seating

- Italian Nappa Leather 11000 Grade Ensures Suppleness and Luxurious Feel.

- Ergonomically Designed to Provide Upper and Lower Back Support.

-Diamond Quilting Providing Extra Padding and Comfort.

- Pneumatic Lumbar Support and Powered Headrest, for Maximum Comfort.



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Verona Home Theater Seating

- Genuine Italian 9000 Top Grain Leather

- The Padded Cushions Provide Great Lumbar Support

- Contemporary Style to go with Any Room

- Wall Hugging Design to Get the Most Space Out of Your Theater Room.



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Piacenza Home Theater Seating

- Genuine Italian 9000 Top Grain Leather

- Completely Adjustable Motorized Recline

- Additional Width for Additional Comfort

- Multiple Storage Compartments for Remotes and Smart Phones.



Starting from $1,699.99  Buy Now

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Comfort and luxury are two sides of the same coin, and our chairs demonstrate that one can’t go without the other. With the best quality mechanisms, reliable long-lasting motors, ergonomic designs and customizable finishes come together in a chair that excels in every aspect. Enhance the quality of your luxury Home Theater and make the seats elevate your home theater experience.

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