Recliner Chairs


Recliner Chairs

Luxury Recliner Chairs - Comfort & Style by Valencia


What's better than coming home and putting your feet up?

With our recliner chairs, you'll experience that comfort every day.

Luxury Recliner Chairs by Valencia


Our contemporary recliner chairs are designed to reflect the latest trends in home furnishings, offering a fresh and stylish take on relaxation. These chairs combine bold colors, unique shapes, and innovative materials to create a statement piece for your living room. High-quality upholstery materials, including top-grade leather, ensure that our contemporary recliners look stunning and provide unmatched comfort and durability.


Our recliner chairs are designed with your utmost comfort in mind, featuring soft, comfortable, and highly resilient foam. This high-quality foam provides exceptional support, ensuring you can sink into the chair and experience unparalleled relaxation. The foam’s resilience ensures that the chair maintains its shape and support over time, providing consistent comfort even with prolonged use.


In addition to the luxurious foam, our recliner chairs are meticulously crafted with ergonomic design principles. The chairs are engineered to support the natural contours of your body, promoting healthy posture and reducing strain on your muscles and joints. The ergonomic design includes features such as adjustable headrests, lumbar support, and customizable recline angles, all aimed at enhancing your comfort.

What are the benefits of a recliner chair?

At Valencia, each recliner chair is uniquely crafted to fit you, enhancing your posture and providing exceptional support. We believe that furniture should enhance your well-being, which is why we love our reclining chairs. Beneficial for both mental and physical health, our recliners help relieve aching muscles and stiff joints by promoting good circulation. They alleviate stress by offering exceptional comfort and support, ensuring your spine is rested, your back is supported, and your legs are elevated. With excellent lumbar support, they can reduce back pain with regular use. Perfect for those needing assistance getting in and out of chairs, they allow you to do so with ease at the touch of a button


Back and seat cushions are crafted to support your head, neck, shoulders and back.


Relax and recline to infinite positions with the touch of a button with this swivel rocking recliner.

Why choose Valencia?

So, why should you trust that Valencia offers the best reclining chairs? Over the years, we’ve listened to our customers and endeavored to create furniture that suits them. Along with our knowledge, we collaborate with a range of well-being experts to offer trusted, cutting-edge designs. We have been instrumental in training our Comfort Specialists to understand good posture, the correct seating position, and supportive transfer into and out of our chairs. Innovative designs and expertise are important to us, ensuring that our customers feel their best. Crafted with passion and care, we use only the best materials from our trusted suppliers to create our furniture. We believe you should have the peace of mind that you are buying once and buying right.